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Cycle Hearse UK

The UK’s original electric assisted Cycle Hearse.

Our Cycle Hearse

Our cycle hearse is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional motorised hearses, providing a unique and sustainable way to conduct funeral processions. 

The cycle hearse was designed to carry a full-sized coffin (maximum length of 6’10) and allows for a serene, slow-paced procession, which can be more comforting for families as they walk or ride alongside it.

Cycle Hearse

Cycle Hearse UK features as an electric-assisted bicycle hearse that can travel up to 10 miles per journey. This service aims to create a meaningful and environmentally friendly send-off, with riders dressed in traditional funeral attire if desired.

Cycle Hearse not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional funerals but also provide a more personal and intimate experience for the bereaved​.

Cycle Hearse


Absolutely fantastic! When I first heard about it, I was a little dubious. But seeing it travelling in the cemetery changed my
mind completely – Awesome idea, well
done Cycle Hearse UK!

Rachel Coombes, Southend


I am truly grateful for what you did make my mother’s funeral so special. It was certainly a special talking point.

It was lovely, as we entered Christchurch how people looked at us, I think it must of been a truly unusual sight for the residents of Christchurch!

Mr Mabbett - Christchurch


I love the fact they even charge the battery
by solar panels! I think everyone needs to
be greener and this can be a big step
towards that!

Medina Ismail-Zade, Dundee