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Cycle Hearse UK

The UK’s original electric assisted Cycle Hearse.

Our Cycle Hearse

Take a look at our cycle hearse
and lead trike that can give
anyone across the UK the
bespoke send off they deserve.

Why Choose Us

Whereas a standard cycle hearse will typically only be able to travel 1 to 2 miles in total, we can cover a 10-mile journey. We travel around the country giving bicycle lovers and those wanting to make a green statement the goodbye they always wanted.

Cycle Hearse Only

Our cycle hearse can cover over 10 miles on a single journey, meaning that there is the possibility to go via the deceased’s home, church and then onto the crematorium/cemetery. We provide a rider who will be adorned in traditional funeral wear (Black jacket, waistcoat and pinstripe trousers) and a driver’s cap, who will be willing to go the extra mile for the family.

Cycle Hearse & Lead Trike

To make the funeral extra special, we offer a lead trike for the Funeral Director to ride, meaning the tradition of the Funeral Director leading the coffin can still be followed. We just advise that the funeral director sets aside a little time to practice!


Absolutely fantastic! When I first heard about it, I was a little dubious. But seeing it travelling in the cemetery changed my
mind completely – Awesome idea, well
done Cycle Hearse UK!

Rachel Coombes, Southend


Being a cyclist, Cycle Hearse UK
immediately got my attention. The Thomas
family were kind enough to spend the time
showing me the bike and after that
meeting I was completely sold and put it in
my funeral plan the next day!

James Turning, Cardiff


I love the fact they even charge the battery
by solar panels! I think everyone needs to
be greener and this can be a big step
towards that!

Medina Ismail-Zade, Dundee